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Latest Release from Relief Records NYC! The first official CD from Abraham Rodriguez Jr. "Cachimba Inolvidable", released August 2010.

"Cachimba Inolvidable" Son Borin Cubano; Sacred Orisha chants of Santeria put to New Yorican Son, classic American Jazz to Son. Beautiful instrumentation including horns and flute, piano, percussion, and amazing vocals. Abraham Rodriguez Jr. is a musical legend from the Lower East Side of New York City who is also a high priest or "Babalawo" of Santeria, performing in both secular and non-secular events across the NYC metropolitan area and beyond. Abraham carries on the teachings and traditions of his godfather Orlando "Puntilla" Rios, one of the first Cuban masters to bring Cuban music and traditions to the United States.Executive Producer; Dehran DuckworthRecorded by Dan Grigsby at The Institute of Audio Research, NY, NY Mastered by Dehran Duckworth at the Relief Records NYC studios, Brooklyn, NY

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 10, 2010

Abraham "Abe" Rodriguez, Jr. is a skillful and versatile musician born in New York City. As a member of the Grupo Folklorico Experimental Nuevayorquino and The Oyu Oro Afro-Cuban Dance Ensemble, Abe is a highly sought-after musician in the New York Latin Jazz scene. He has been touring for over 20 years with such renowned artists as Puntilla y Su Nueva Generacion, Totico Y Su Rumberos, Celia Cruz, Kip Hanrahan (see a more complete list below). He has recorded with Puntilla, Totico y Sus Rumberos on the hit single "What's Your Name?", Daniel Ponce on "Arawe", Kip Hanrahan, Kubata, and Los Afortunados. He is also the featured singer on Ray Santiago's internationally acclaimed CD "Pa' Que Nadie Me Olvide."

Abe has appeared on television shows broadcast by WXTV, WNET and WNYE in New York. He has performed at Carnegie Hall; Lincoln Center; Symphony Space; the New York Coliseum; The Blue Note; Smalls; Fat Cat; Pregones Theater; Lidia de Burgos Cultural Center; Sweet Rhythm; Aaron Davis Hall; Alvin Ailey Dance School, SOB's; La Fonda Boricua, The Pyramid Club, Plan B, and Nuyorican Poet's Cafe in the East Village; and the Puerto Rican and Cuban parades. Abe has also appeared at numerous colleges and universities such as Columbia University, Brown University, The Berkeley School of Music, The University of Miami, CCNY, Nassau Community College, Hunter College, and Brooklyn College.

Touring extensively, Abraham Rodriguez has performed in Holland, Las Fietas Patronales in Puerto Rico, The Caribbean Music Festival in Columbia, the Kansas City Ethnic Festival, the Philadelphia Folk Festival, Lincoln Center Out of Doors, the Chicago Blues Festival, the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, and the Field Museum in Illinois. In Amsterdam, Abe formed Future Paradise with Steve Sandburg, Ami Malina, and Nivelton Butler. At the Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt, Abe performed at "New York in Berlin" in Berlin, Germany.

Abraham Rodriguez received his music instruction at the Berkeley School of Music and at the University of Miami. He was lead singer and drummer of the Afro-Caribbean Ensemble Los Afortunados and collaborated with Orlando Rios "Puntilla" and Roberto Borrell, who have played a major role in the dissemination of Afro-Cuban music and dance. Los Afortunados performed for theaters, colleges, clubs, and community centers throughout New York City. He has also received several government grants to study Afro-Cuban folklore.

Mr. Rodriguez's knowledge and mastery of ritual and secular music of the Caribbean as well as of Du-wop has made him one of the most sought-after musicians in the Afro-Latin-Jazz music scene. Abraham Rodriguez is known internationally for his music in Spain, Switzerland, Cuba, and Mexico. He also teaches private classes and gives workshops on vocals and percussion, including congas, bongos, bata, shekeres, timbales, and other hand-held instruments.

Recently, Abe has been performing with Michele Rosewoman and the New Yor-Uba. Abe Rodriguez currently lea his band "Cachimba Inolvidable" throughout New York City.

"Cachimba Inolvidable" is available for purchase at,, and many other digital download and CD reseller sites. Visitfor more info.


DEHRAN DUCKWORTHRelief Records NYC917 567 8139Email Information

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The Solution to an Historic Problem

WILMINGTON, Del., Oct. 20 – WILMINGTON, Del., Oct. 20 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following article was written by Ernest Muhammad for the Black Star Youth Foundation:

Is there a balm in Gilead? Do you want to stop the escalation of the African-American homicide? Do you want an educational curriculum that reflects the creators of civilization? Do you want public school students to excel in reading and mathematics? Do you understand "the problem," or is your organization focused on the symptoms of the problem?

In the words of Dr. Edward W. Robinson, "the problem is that the entire society has been programmed by the use of most textbooks, and all other media, including motion pictures. This programming has caused the entire society to despise the over 1,000 year old ancestral value of the African-American and people of African descent."

Dr. Edward W. љRobinson not only delineates the problem, but also proposes a comprehensive "solution" to "the problem." Dr. Edward W. Robinson is a phenomenon, a unique individual whose passion has driven him to dedicate most of his 92 years. Dedication to educating African-Americans, in a way that he believes, will change the perception of all Americans.

Dr. Edward W. Robinson is an attorney, historian, author and professor. He is by many accounts on the threshold of solving "the problem." His accomplishments include: co-author of the seminal book, Journey of the Songhai People and Producer of the best selling historical album Black Rhapsody. He also is the creator of the infusion of African history, as a mandatory curriculum policy, within the Philadelphia public high school system.

Dr. Edward W. Robinson was influential in writing the curriculum of the D'Zert Club, which under the direction of Ali and Helen Salahuddin, is one of the world's fastest growing youth organizations. Dr. Robinson is also the teacher and mentor to thousands of others, including the Black Star Youth Foundation founded in Delaware by Ernest Muhammad and Christopher X. Cleveland.

According to Ernest Muhammad, "Dr. Robinson has decoded what many have described as a mysterious power. A power which propels human beings and other territorial creatures to the maximum height of their potential. This power is the territorial imperative, and it is the foundation of the solution." ^Aљ

Therefore Dr. Robinson states that "the solution" to the problem will be achieved through motion pictures. Motion pictures which will show the beauty, grandeur and sophistication of African-American ancestors and ancestral territory. Dr. Edward W. Robinson has written the scripts for seven motion pictures.

The first script will be discussed on October 23, 2010, at 7PM (eastern) via webcast, to an international audience. Register to view this event at . Charitable Donations to assist can be sent to Pan-African Federation Organization Inc., P.O. Box 18828 Philadelphia, PA 19119.

This article was written by Ernest Muhammad for the Black Star Youth Foundation, He can be contacted at

SOURCEBlack Star Youth Foundation

R.B. Holbrook Brings Fiery Conclusion to Sci-Fi Trilogy — Oracle’s Legacy: Dawn of Illumination Volume Three

North Carolina author R.B. Holbrook announced the release of Dawn of Illumination Volume Three of the epic Oracle’s Legacy. Orders for all three books are available on the author’s website .

Garner, NC (PRWEB) October 18, 2010

Oracle’s Legacy is an inventive story about a secret civilization known as ‘The Structure’, which was formed in approximately 6000 BC in order to create its own tiered system of enlightenment for its inhabitants that live alongside humans.

The Structure’s society is comprised of seven Houses that chase after enlightenment by achieving various levels of growth in a disclosed attempt to understand the nature of energy in modern day times. Unique tattoo-like ‘energy seals’ display each level as citizens face life challenges, battles, death and re-embodiment.

Andrew Ian Dodge, celebrated science fiction author of The Gathering Dark and other tales: A Sage of Wales Collection and other literary works said, "If you are the type who likes your novels complicated and multi-layered then this would be apt for you...the patience will be rewarded."

Oracle’s Legacy: Dawn of Illumination brings the trilogy to a fiery conclusion as the book opens with Ollie and Creed storming a Moon facility ultimately destroying the base. During their constant fight with Moon, Ollie loses control of her powers causing massive destruction to everything around her.

The only one who can stop her is Augustus Granger. Granger plays a key role as Ollie’s love interest and has a world to organize before Moon or the Pillars destroy it. Ollie experiences weakness and enlightenment as she battles throughout the book to take down Moon and the Pillars to help protect the world.

R.B. Holbrook is thrilled to bring a dramatic end to her science fiction trilogy with Oracle’s Legacy: Dawn of Illumination. The author said, "The three years with Oracle's Legacy has been an awesome ride. Although it is still fresh in my mind and will always be a part of me, I have already begun writing a new fantasy series." She refuses to reveal any more information about series. Readers will just need to wait.

Visit website, . Author R.B. Holbrook resides in North Carolina and after earning her Master’s Degree, she pursued a career in writing. Oracle’s Legacy is her first science fiction trilogy.

Book Info:TITLE: Oracle’s Legacy: Dawn of Illumination Volume Three(Oracle’s Legacy: Children of Sun Volume One, Oracle’s Legacy: Shadows of Fate Volume Two)ISBN: 978-0-557-24067-8Publisher: Publication Date: October 18, 2010 Pages: 456 Suggested Retail Price: $24.00

Order Oracle’s Legacy: Dawn of Illumination Volume Three at R.B. Holbrook’s website, .

MEMBERS OF THE PRESS CAN REQUEST GALLEY, MANUSCRIPT OR BOOK FOR REVIEW.Contact:                        Lacewing Communications LLC            Katherine Brungs            email: media(at)lacewingcom(dot)com

To schedule an interview with the author, please contact Katherine Brungs of Lacewing Communications by email: media(at)lacewingcom(dot)com or visit . Greater Cincinnati-based Lacewing Communications LLC is a full service boutique marketing firm, which provides branding, marketing, graphic design, website and PR management.

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