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Premium Personalized Greeting Cards e-Shop Announces New Launch, New Lines

The holidays are closer than we think, and so are dance and music recitals. True Life Greetings is announcing a new website and new lines of personalized, paper greeting cards just in time. The 2010 Holiday Cards are in and ready to be personalized by True Life Greetings™, on behalf of corporate clients and consumers.Holiday Cards are a great way to say “Thank You” and build customer goodwill and loyalty.

Brandon, FL (PRWEB) October 18, 2010

—specializing in personalized, paper greeting cards for consumers and corporate clients—announces a new website and new product lines. The 2010 Holiday Card Collection of personalized business and consumer greeting cards,. These uniquely designed cards can be personalized for dance or music recitals or customized for birthdays.The “Musically Inclined Collection” is only found at True Life Greetings.

True Life Greetings™ is paying attention to the special touch provided by personalized, paper greeting cards.

“Do you remember the feeling you had when you received a handwritten note? Or perhaps you took the time to write a personal ‘thank you’ to someone who went out of their way to help. There are times when an email or text message simply cannot replace a personalized message on an attractive card or fine stationery,” says Barbara Watts, VP Sales and Marketing. “We offer many unique designs that will allow our customers to express who they are and share personal sentiments.”

Watts also reports a new trend perfectly suited to the True Life Greetings™ superior invitation and stationery selection: A special party that begins with unique, personalized invitations and ends with coordinating thank you notes. Customers can select and personalize beautiful classic, contemporary, or elegant party invitations and coordinating thank you notes to be sent to guests.

“Our customers are surprised at just how easy and convenient it is to send a high quality greeting card to people they care about. They can create their own message or select one from a list of verses. We will address, add postage, and mail the cards to the recipient for them. And because we’re very selective about the quality of our cards, they’ll only find the finest, most attractive options in every category. As we like to say to our customers, ‘We’ve walked the aisles, held and read each card, and only selected the very best for you,’” says Barbara Watts.

Product lines include:     Business greeting cards for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries     Holiday and All Occasion greeting cards, including music and dance themed cards     Personalized stationery (includes 100% cotton stationery)     Custom birthday cards and invitations     Personalized wedding invitations and accessories     Gift cards and fresh flower bouquets from ProFlowers®

“For special occasions, we offer a concierge service to help people find the perfect gift,” Watts explains. “End to end services combined with fine, personalized greeting cards is more doable than ever before. We’ve brought together the very best to let our customers take advantage.”

To complement this full-service approach, True Life Greetings will soon be introducing a Free Calendar Reminder Service that makes it easy for busy people to remember important birthdays, anniversaries and other dates that deserve special attention.

The best way to see how simple it is to personalize paper greeting cards and stationery, according to Barbara Watts, is to visit, select an item, and try out the personalization tool. Businesses and individuals with scial orders can call 888.525.TRUE (8783) to speak with a sales representative.

About True Life Greetings:

True Life Greetings™ believes that in a crowded world of email and text messaging, people still prefer to receive and open a premium greeting card. Providing personalized cards to businesses and individuals, True Life Greetings™ is different. They have walked the aisles, held and read each card, and only selected the very best of each product line for their customers. Then True Life Greetings™ goes a step further, providing easy online customization services and more. Customers can also select a gift card or a fresh ProFlowers® arrangement to be sent along with the special card. Personal gift consultants are on hand to help customers find and send a special birthday or anniversary gift.


Barbara WattsTrue Life Greetings(888) 525-8783Email Information


Adobe® and TerraGo® Collaborate on Geospatial Capabilities for Acrobat X Solutions

Adobe Systems Incorporated and TerraGo® Technologies, a leading provider of geospatial collaboration software and an Adobe Gold Partner, have announced an initiative to support geospatial capabilities for customers of Acrobat X solutions.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) October 18, 2010 —

Adobe Systems Incorporated and TerraGo® Technologies, a leading provider of geospatial collaboration software and an Adobe Gold Partner, have announced an initiative to support geospatial capabilities for customers of Acrobat X solutions.

TerraGo has been working closely with Adobe to provide an upgrade path for Acrobat 9 Pro Extended customers who need to continue to author geospatial PDF files and perform advanced geospatial functions. In addition, Adobe and TerraGo have signed an agreement under which TerraGo is providing software engineering services in support of geospatial PDF consumption in Acrobat X and Reader X.

These efforts leverage TerraGo’s deep geospatial PDF expertise and the company’s track record of delivering innovative collaboration software since it first invented geospatial PDF nearly 10 years ago. Thousands of government and commercial organizations around the world use TerraGo integrated software suites to create and interact with TerraGo GeoPDF® maps and imagery, the company’s brand of geospatial PDF.

“Geospatial technologies have achieved a level of market maturity that is best served by Adobe partners such as TerraGo who specialize in this area,” said Rick Brown, senior director, Product Management, Acrobat Solutions Group. “Adobe customers will benefit from the more robust geospatial authoring workflows present in TerraGo software as well as ongoing fixes and innovative enhancements.”

“TerraGo continues to work closely and creatively with Adobe to ensure the success of global government and commercial customers that rely on geospatial PDF,” said Rick Cobb, president and CEO of TerraGo. “We look forward to working with Acrobat geospatial users to provide a smooth upgrade path to our applications and the enhanced collaboration functionality we provide.”

Along with these efforts, Adobe and TerraGo will work together to support Adobe’s ongoing initiative to gain ratification of its proposed ISO 32000 standard for geospatial extensions. TerraGo Publisher™ and TerraGo Composer™ software create geospatial PDF maps and imagery that conform to the specifications published by Adobe as proposed geospatial extensions to ISO 32000 as well as those published by the Open Geospatial Consortium as an OGC Best Practice.

For more information on the Adobe announcement, visit . For more information on TerraGo upgrade options and special pricing available to Acrobat geospatial users through March 31, 2011, please visit .

About Adobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe revolutionizes how the world engages with ideas and information – anytime, anywhere and through any medium. For more information, visit .

About TerraGo TechnologiesTerraGo Technologies delivers software applications that extend the access and application of maps and imagery for mobile field professionals who rely on geospatial information to do their jobs. Thousands of global organizations, including many defense and intelligence agencies, petroleum and utility companies, public safety departments, and environmental engineering teams, depend on TerraGo software. The TerraGo Publisher™ Suite allows organizations to consume and optimize data from any source and create GeoPDF® maps and imagery. The TerraGo Collaboration™ Suite offers desktop, Web-based and mobile software applications that automate geospatial collaboration and information gathering and sharing. When used in conjunction with TerraGo Composer™, customers are able to configure easy-to-use 2D and 3D maps, imagery, and digital GeoPDF MapBook products while embedding relevant business coext, forms, and workflows. With a strong ecosystem of partners, including Adobe, BAE Systems, ESRI, ERDAS, Hitachi, Intergraph, and Trimble, millions of professionals use geospatial data that has been enabled by TerraGo in order to be more productive, improve quality, and make better decisions. For more information, visit .

TerraGo software creates GeoPDF maps and imagery that conform to the specifications published by the Open Geospatial Consortium as an OGC Best Practice and those published by Adobe as proposed geospatial extensions to ISO 32000.

TerraGo and GeoPDF are registered trademarks of TerraGo Technologies, Inc.


Peter HerbertTerraGo Technologies678-391-9610Email Information

World Bank blames U.S. for unruly capital flows

TOKYO/ PALO ALTO, California (Reuters) – Surging capital inflows threaten Asia's economic stability, the World Bank warned on Tuesday, a day after Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner sought to draw the venom from a global row over currencies by vowing not to devalue the dollar.

The World Bank buttressed the argument made by China and others that U.S. policies are sending a wave of cash flowing into higher-yielding emerging markets, undermining their export competitiveness and pumping up inflation and asset bubbles.

"We are seeing an effort by developing East Asia to deal with the large amounts of liquidity driven in very large part by the monetary policy easing in the United States," Vikram Nehru, the bank's chief economist for Asia-Pacific, told reporters in Tokyo.

Nehru, presenting a semi-annual report, urged policymakers to learn the lessons of the 1997/98 Asian financial crisis, when an influx of footloose global capital inflated property and equity prices, only for them to collapse when the money flows reversed.

"The authorities in East Asia need to take adequate precautions to ensure that they do not repeat the same mistake twice in slightly over a decade," the report said.

While capital controls were not very effective in controlling long-term investment flows, Asian countries had an array of instruments to deal with rising inflows, the World Bank said.

"If this liquidity abundance is sustained and increases, I think they are going have to take further action," Nehru said.

Thailand introduced a withholding tax on foreign purchases of government bonds last week, and Brazil on Monday increased an existing tax on foreign bond buyers to 6 percent from 4 percent.

Foreign investors in Brazil will also have to pay more tax to trade currency derivatives, blamed in part for driving up the real, the country's currency, to a two-year high.

"Our objective is to reduce foreign investment into Brazil," Finance Minister Guido Mantega told reporters in Sao Paulo.


Strains over the constellation of exchange rates needed to put global growth on a more solid, sustainable footing are likely to dominate a meeting of finance ministers of the Group of 20 major economies in South Korea starting on Friday.

The dispute boils down essentially to the exchange rate of the yuan, also known as the renminbi.

The United States, supported by most economists, believes Beijing is unfairly holding the yuan down to give its exporters an advantage in global markets.

This is causing a broader misalignment of global currencies, Washington contends, because other developing countries are reluctant to lose competitiveness versus China by permitting their own currencies to appreciate in isolation.

Speaking in Palo Alto, California, Geithner said he believed China would continue to let the yuan rise to aid the rebalancing of its economy away from exports and toward domestic growth.

"You can't know how far it should go. What you know now is that it's significantly undervalued, which I think they acknowledge, and it's better for them, and of course very important for us, that it move. And I think it's going to continue to move," Geithner said.

China would endorse that assessment. The disagreement arises over the pace of adjustment.

China says a spike in the yuan would drive many exporters to the wall, destroying millions of jobs, but would do nothing to address what it sees as America's deteriorating competitiveness and shortfall in savings.

"We must try to minimize any possible negative impact in further exchange rate reform," a Chinese central bank spokesman said in remarks reported on Tuesday.

"We must make sure that the currency movements are controllable and avoid any possibility of over-adjustment of the yuan exchange rate driven by market forces," he told the People's Daily, the mouthpiece of the ruling Communist Party.

True to its word, China let the yuan drift slightly lower on Tuesday for the second day in a row following a relatively brisk 2.5 percent rise against the dollar since the end of August.


China's big fear is that Washington, having largely exhausted fiscal and monetary stimulus, is resorting to benign neglect of the dollar to galvanize its economy as part of President Barack Obama's drive to double U.S. exports within five years.

Geithner flatly rejected this charge.

"It is very important for people to understand that the United States of America and no country around the world can devalue its way to prosperity, to (be) competitive," he said. "It is not a viable, feasible strategy and we will not engage in it."

But the treasury chief said the United States needed to "work hard to preserve confidence in the strong dollar" -- his first utterance of the mantra "strong dollar" since February -- by maintaining growth and restoring budget discipline.

Geithner said he had delayed a report due last Friday into whether Beijing manipulates the value of the yuan to win time to drum up support within the G20 for "improvements" in the currency policies of China and other emerging economies.

This week's G20 finance ministers' meeting in Gyeongju precedes a summit of the group in Seoul on November 11-12.

Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said he hoped the meetings would lead to increased currency cooperation.

"This is important so that we avoid the kinds of retaliatory actions that nations can take where they feel that they are aggrieved by the policies of particular countries," he told reporters in Ottawa.

Investors are alert to the risk of a descent into tit-for-tat protectionism, but, for now at least, many are confident that policymakers will succeed in averting conflict.

"We expect international portfolio flows to continue to create rising tension on asset markets over the next several months, but we do not believe we are as yet at the brink of 'currency wars'," Ray Farris and Kasper Bartholdy, foreign exchange strategists at Credit Suisse in London, said in a note.

(Writing by Alan Wheatley in Beijing; Editing by Neil Fullick)