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Independent Rock-Star Roastery Barefoot Coffee, Celebrates 7 Years With Two New Coffee Bars...and Free Unlimited Coffee

To celebrate their 7th anniversary, Hometown Hero Barefoot Coffee, is opening two new coffee bars in San Jose. The first new opening will be the 'Roll Up Bar' at 76 Sunol and the other will be at 37 S. 1st Street, inside the Good Karma Cafe. In addition, they'll be offering complimentary coffee at all three locations on Saturday, September 23rd. The free coffee will be unlimited -- customers can order their coffee of choice...and as much of it as they want.

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) October 22, 2010

, one of the first Bay Area roasters to consider the delightfully addictive brown bean as culinary art, is celebrating its 7th anniversary by offering FREE coffee all day on Saturday, October 23, and introducing two new coffee bars:The Barefoot Karma Bar and the Barefoot Roll Up Bar.

Contrary to what some might think, the Barefoot Karma Bar will be offering hand-made coffees rather than ‘good karma.’ The name for this new coffee bar was inspired by its location, which is inside of the Good Karma Vegan café on 37 S. 1st Street in downtown San Jose, and will be offering a full Barefoot coffee and espresso menu. Starting Friday, October 22, the Barefoot Karma Bar will be open Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm with weekends soon to follow.

The new Roll Up Bar, Barefoot’s second new location, will be housed in an unexpected spot that will undoubtedly offer the freshest coffee possible. By literally rolling up the doors of their roastery, Barefoot has transformed a portion of their eco-conscious facility, accommodating its admirers in an industrialized fashion, directly from its roastery. Starting Friday, October 22, Barefoot baristas will be serving hand-poured coffee at its rawest form, absent of cream or sugar, from 7am to 3pm, Monday through Friday. Barefoot beans, merchandise, grinders and Hario drippers will also be available at the 76 Sunol location in downtown San Jose.

They’re not stopping here. In the spring of 2011, Barefoot is expecting to open its fourth, full-fledged, stand alone bar at the much-anticipated San Pedro Market Square. Surrounding the historic Peralta Adobe, San Jose’s oldest building, this public market will house a number of artisan farmers, confectioners and restaurants with Barefoot as a cornerstone tenant.

Barefoot started out by focusing solely on sourcing quality beans and roasting and has retained its commitment, first, to the flavor of their coffee. Not unlike wine, or any other culinary ingredient, coffee can deliver flavors and aromas other than ‘coffee.’ The best and most flavorful coffee starts with impeccably produced coffee beans. Elements such as ‘shade grown’ and ‘organic’ are expected; it’s intricacies such as elevation and terroir, bean production and roasting patterns that truly retain a coffee’s authenticity.

Barefoot coffee purchases their beans, following a self-prescribed Direct Trade program, with independent farmers in El Salvador, Guatemala, Brazil, Costa Rica and Ethiopia. Long term relationships with the growers are paramount within Barefoot’s philosophy and ensure that customers are ‘buying local’ in a vicarious fashion.

In addition to the new Roll Up and Karma Bars, Barefoot also has a newly remodeled coffee bar in Santa Clara, at 5237 Stevens Creek Blvd. Coffee can also be purchased online at and current updates can be found through their Facebook Fan Page. For more information on the new coffee bars, associated promotions or anniversary festivities, please visit .

About Barefoot Coffee:

Barefoot Coffee Works is an artisan roasting and brewing company with deep roots in masterful – and sustainable – operations, all with a casual presence. Behind each cup of coffee is a minimum of 30 steps that Barefoot consciously approaches with devoted attention. For Barefoot, finding the best possie beans means an ideal terroir as well as a long-term commitment with growers. Impeccable growing, picking and processing of the coffee is shared in each long distance relationship from Ethiopia to Guatemala. Dedicated employees live the world of roasting and brewing. They are edgy alchemists in the science of temperature, detail and time, ensuring consistency and smoothness with every cup that’s delicately delivered to each coffee worshipper.

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Iron Man Goes Steampunk, We Get Bieber Fever in This Week's Viral Views

Welcome back to Viral Views! We give you everything viral that you should be viewing. This week, you, oh faithful reader, shall be receiving a larger than normal helping of awesome in honor of this being our fifth week in business (oh how the time flies when you're looking at memes!).So no more stalling for time--let's get Viral!


For some reason,just makes the hero that much more epic. That plus the fact that someone made that costume by hand and is probably out fighting crime with it right now makes it an epic win in my book. Also be sure towith some added steampunk goodness.

I've always been curious about those who buy records, yet they lack a record player. What did they do with their large collections of vinyl? Sleeveface answered my question: They were using them to pose in creative (and sometimes creepy) photos. Just don't try this at home (you might not hurt anyone physically, but chances are you will emotionally scar everyone around you).

Who said old people weren't hip to current trends? Look at this guy; he loves Lady Gaga so much that it's making him forget all about his plastic hip. Somewhere out there Lady Gaga is trying to find this man and put him in her next video (most likely dressed as a giant bat or something).

We here at Viral Views like to think that we make a difference in people^aEURTMs lives. Because of that, we are helping spread the word of The Oatmeal and their list of things to never ever do with email. Send this to everyone who commits one of the atrocities on the list and watch as those chain letters become a thing of the past.

YouTube brings so much joy into our lives. The guys down in San Bruno must have thought otherwise so they decided to hide the classic game of Snake in every video. Wait a minute; I see what you're trying to pull. Nice try YouTube, but not even Snake can stop me from !

Alright I'm going to be honest with the internet here: I hate cats. I know, I know, boo me all you want cat lovers of the world. Me, being the kind hearted soul that I am, searched for a solution plaguing 97% of all cat owners: How do you properly store your cats? Well lucky for you, this highly informational graphic willsolve that problem once and for all. You're Welcome.

Halloween is right around the corner. It's time to join in the practice of gutting a gourd and carving something into it. Are you uncreative like us? Don't worry good sir/madam/sentient robot the internet has plenty of amazing designs you can copy and claim as your own. No more goofy faced pumpkins this Halloween, not when everyone can carve Stephen Colbert in all his orangey glory.

And that's it for our fifth iteration of Viral Views. Spot a video, photo, or other meme you think we should include in next week's Viral Views? Shoot us a note to

Now if you'll excuse me,and is probably terrorizing the preschool again. See you in seven!

Visitevery Friday afternoon for more Viral Views; for best results, followon Twitter (that's with an underscore).

EXCLUSIVE: Jazz Singer Jane Monheit Confesses: "I Was a Theatre Nerd"; Birdland Gig Runs to Oct. 23

Jane Monheit, the jazz vocalist who embraces show tunes and American popular song in concert and on albums, is heating up Manhattan's Birdland Oct. 19-23.

Her latest disc, "Home," includes numbers by such Broadway writers as Rodgers & Hart ("There's a Small Hotel"), Irving Berlin ("Isn't It a Lovely Day"), Yip Harburg and Harold Arlen ("The Eagle and Me"), Jerome Kern and B.G. DeSylva ("Look for the Silver Lining") and Arthur Schwartz and Howard Dietz ("A Shine on Your Shoes"), plus more contemporary songs by Alec Wilder, Larry Goldings and Cliff Goldmacher.

Knowing that Monheit grew up on Long Island, it got us thinking: What's Monheit's relationship to Broadway and musical theatre?

Monheit confesses, "I was the biggest theatre nerd and always will be. I absolutely constantly dream of doing theatre. Even though I mostly sing jazz, my love of musical theatre is an enormous influence on all of my artistic choices."

Did she listen to cast albums when she was a kid?

"I wore out every cast album," she told "I learned so much of the Great American Songbook from the stage musicals and musical films that the songs originated in. I also listened to the jazz and traditional pop singers' versions, too, most notably Ella Fitzgerald, but it has always been important to me to be familiar with the origins of a song. Even now, whenever we choose to play a tune, we go back to the original sheet music to get the changes. The harmony of these songs has been altered so much by jazz musicians over the years, and — although we do that, too, at times — we like to start at square one, and honor the composer's intention."

Growing up in Bohemia, NY, on Long Island, and studying in Manhattan, Monheit was only a train or car ride away from Broadway.

She explained, "I saw nearly everything on Broadway until I started touring, and saved every Playbill. I miss it horribly. I'm never in town! It would be so hard to name a favorite [show]...certainly Carousel...definitely Into the Woods. I love them all in different ways."

Does she worry that the craft and architecture of American popular song will disappear?

"It's changed, for sure...and that's inevitable," she said. "Great songs will always be written, though, we can be sure of that. People like Larry Goldings, Cliff Goldmacher and Peter Eldridge are writing incredible music that's influenced by the Great American Songbook and everything wonderful that's come since — it's sort of like Volume Two, I suppose."

For more about Monheit's Birdland gig, visit For more about the albums and work of Monheit, visit