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Elton John calls for Forsyth knighthood

LONDON (AFP) – Pop superstar Elton John has joined the growing clamour for entertainer Bruce Forsyth to be knighted, saying in an interview published Tuesday that it was an "outrage" the 82-year had not been granted the honour.

The "Candle in the Wind" musician, who was himself knighted in 1998, revealed that he wrote to the Honours Committee protesting that the "Strictly Come Dancing" host had not yet received the accolade.

?It?s an outrage that Bruce Forsyth hasn?t been knighted,? John told the Radio Times magazine. ?He?s part of our lives, like Rolf Harris -- a clever, incredibly witty man who always made me feel good.?

Light entertainment fixture Forsyth was appointed CBE in 2006 but was philosophical about his lack of knighthood during a March interview.

?It?s not a popularity contest when these people grant these privileges, shall we say. I?m in very good company,? he said.

?I have a CBE, which I was very pleased to accept, and if that?s as far as it goes, that?s as far as it goes.?

John also used the interview to attack the current crop of singer/songwriters and reality television variety shows.

"I'm not a fan of talent shows. I probably wouldn't have lasted if I'd gone on one," the 63-year-old said.

"Also I don't want to be on television, it's become boring, brain crippling. I like Simon Cowell but what he does is TV entertainment."

Despite praising singers Lily Allen, Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse the pop legend claimed: "Songwriters today are pretty awful, which is why everything sounds the same. Contemporary pop isn't very inspiring."

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