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#yn-upshot-banner img { display:block; width:661px; height:80px; }Mon Sep 20, 5:52 pm ETGaga proposes new law: If you don’t like it, go home

Pop star Lady Gaga told an anti-don't ask rally in Maine this afternoon that the military's ban on gays should be replaced with a ban on soldiers who can't tolerate gay people.

"Doesn't it seem like don't ask don't tell is backwards?" she asked, wearing a full suit, tie, and glasses. "That we're penalizing the wrong soldier?"

"I am here today because I would like to propose a new law. A law that sends home the soldier who has the problem. Our new law is called, 'if you don't' like it, go home.'"

Gaga also asked Republican Sens. Snowe, Collins, and Brown to vote for the repeal before screaming "ARE YOU LISTENING?"

A Pentagon spokesman told the Christian Science-Monitor that they were not paying attention to the rally.

Both Snowe and Collinsin protest of Sen. Harry Reid's decision to not allow any Republican amendments to the legislation.

The eccentric pop star has become a vocal advocate for the repeal, since mobilizing support for it on MTV's Video Music Awards last week.

(Photo: Lady Gaga/AP)

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