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From the Great Navajo Nation Resounds the Powerful and Soulful Voice of Victoria Blackie -- She brings Back Authenticity to Country Music

Victoria has achieved superstar status on the Native American circuitwith her hot album Wanted Man, and just keeps racking up awards everywhere.The Chicago Tribune called her ”‘the first and only real country artist” to come out of Nashville in years.

(Billboard Publicity Wire) September 20, 2010 -- From the great Navajo Nation comes

Her Voice is "Powerful" with lots of soul, bringing back the feel that Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn and the greats have given to country music.Victoria may be a petite5'1" but her voice is powerful and brings back to country music what thought to be lost with the new breed of Pop Country singers.All the country greats might be rolling in their graves but not when it comes to Victoria.Her voice is versatile andhas definitely caught the attention of the where she swept the ISMA Music Awards. She is therecipient of two awards in Best Country and Best Blues categories. Her"Wanted Man"album was produced by Legends Hall Of Fame producer Robert Metzgar from Nashville, Tennessee who is also a nominee as Best Producer in the NAMMYS.

Victoria’s the real deal in country music.She is a nominee in 8 categories in the Native American Music Awards (NAMMYS) for 2010.Today September 18, 2010 the Nammys announced in a one hour interview on theTrailblazers Radio Show -Hosted by Native American Photojournalist and Award-Winning Book Author Vincent Schilling - that Victoria is officially nominated for a NAMMY as Best Debut Artist and Best Country.An emotional teary eyed 21 year old Victoria says on the Trailblazers Radio Show,"I am honored and thrilled at this announcement and no matter the outcome I am honored to be nominated into this program".Victoria will be singing the heart wrenching and patriotic song "Remember America" from her album "Wanted Man", at this years November the 12th in New York.

An Independentartist with great vision she haslaunched this career on a shoe string budget.Her career up to this point has been a family affair. Victoria's parents arethe photographers and Videographers,her aunt Martha A. Chavez herself winner of the Miss Patsy Cline National Contest is nowa prominent vocal coach and entertainer that has been her mentor and manager. Breaking into the market is very difficult and when talent counts for10%the rest depends on expensive marketing strategies and gimmicks.

She and her aunt managerhave carefully pickedresources and you might say her "gimmick" was the Native American image to set her apart from hundreds of hopefuls. In actuality it's no gimmick she is a product of the "Great Navajo Nation"and the Native American Community who have watched her develop and have been privileged to hear her sing to her hearts' content.She continues to depend onsupportive family and friends who encourage her to pursue her dreams .

No she hasn't had the big bucks to have a first class music launch.In todays market unless you win American Idol it's almost nil that you can get the attention of major radio stations.She is counting on her natural talent, a genuine personality that wins peopleshearts,thousands of followers on Facebook and Myspace to take her to the next level.Thank heaven for the worldwide web, you can nowfind Victoria's music on iTunes, Youtube, Amazon and Billboard's artist listing.Ms. Blackie has digital Distribution through CD BABY.

Her song interpretation is one of her strengths and always has audiences wanting more. Victoria has a versatile voice a real crooner when it comes to the blues and heart felt music.One of her highlights was being invited to perform at the 2002 Winter Olympics Ethnic Village in Salt Lake City.Her gifted voice was discovered by many groups andas a resultshe was invited to perform on a 30 day tour to Japan at the age of 13.It was hard for her parents to let her go, but they saw in her eyes the yearning for new horizons that would eventually take her to this point.

Ms. Victor is a favorite in the Intermountain Region.She is one ofNative America's hopefuls and now stands as a shining light to the youth of this country and the world.She is dedicated, hardworking and has a gracious personality. She would like a chance to sing to the world . Her parents have supported Victoria’s dream, taking her to performances, making sure she presented herself well before many crowds. Even though she comes from humble beginnings this has not stopped this powerhouse from reaching her dreams. Remember the name "Victoria Blackie"Country Musics' next"Big Star".


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